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Gosport Grammar School 1950’s

Having had another look round the very comprehensive site I can add the following (if it is not already on there - and I may have missed it.) Ernest Douglass lived in Anglesey Road and was the organist at St. Mary's Church possibly as late as the 1950's. S. H. Barker was the English teacher at the Grammar school. It was me that informed Dave Mack (his site does not seem to be up and running at the moment?) I still have an original copy of the school song although I must admit it is a bit dogeared now. It has been with the family since the 1940's when my brothers were at the Grammar.

Another snippet (which I think should go down in history!) is that around the "tower" part of the old Grammar School and along the wall (by the old science lab window going towards St. George's Barracks) are a number of holes in the brickwork. I did mention it to Dave Mack but don't think he ever logged it. When I showed one of my sons (34) he thought they were made with some sort of gun. They are actually where we used to stand waiting for the bus and would grind a penny, halfpenny, sixpence etc. into the brickwork. Some holes are deeper than others because us kids would either continue a partly made dent or start a new one. I told this to the man in the museum when I was in Gosport a few weeks ago but he looked at me as if I was "off this planet". If anyone who lives in Gosport likes to go round there with an old penny etc. they will find that these coins fit perfectly. There was a bus stop almost outside the science lab when I was at the grammar (w- a- y back in the 1950's). Those who lived anywhere past Anns Hill Arch would catch either the Forton Road bus or the Anns Hill Road bus - both went on to Fareham. That is why there are holes in the tower - those who lived at Elson or Brockhurst could see which bus came first along the High Street.

I did wonder what people would make of the dents in another 100 years time if the building is still standing - possibility of an invasion!

Regards - Valerie Page (nee Cole).

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