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Kathleen Hugman - My grandparents used to own :The London cafe: in North St nearly opposite the Crown Hotel in 50,s 60,s , it was the only cafe open in Gosport till midnight where you could get a meal, mosty used at night by the army & navy, and a few ladies o t n.

- Hi my name is Paul Ballantyne and I did my submarine training in HMS Dolphin in the mid 60s. I recall spending a fair bit of my time whilst ashore in a little pub we effectionately new as Dolphin Three. The publican was a great guy who had emphacema and had a great model of a T or A boat made from a large piece of coal behind the bar. Can you tell me if the little pub is still there. It was about 5 min walk or so from the top gate of HMS Dolphin, much longer on the way back, for obvious reasons, and was a favourite haunt for submariners. Hope you can help. I now live in Western Australia, after changing over to the RAN submarine service, after I left Artemis when she sank alongside Dolphin in 71.If you have a photo, I would love to have a copy. (Added 25th June 2006) (Copy of photo sent Ian)

- As a baby I lived in Gosport and I remember being in a nursery in a large house with it's own grounds. We were put in our prams to sleep, but I remember looking at the babies on either side of me who were asleep and wishing I could get out and play with the older children who had a donkey and swings!! This is my earliest memory. I was eighteen months old at the time!! My grandparents lived in Chantry Road, near Brockhurst Road. My Grandad used to be a barber and I can remember going to see him at work and the red and white pole outside the shop caught my eye!! His name was Steve Gouge and he later worked as a barber at Haslar hospital. We lived in Middlesbrough, so the trip down was an adventure!! We left home at 7am and didn't arrive at Portsmouth Harbour until early evening. We used to run down the dockside to catch the ferry!! I took my own children on a trip on the ferry in 1978 for old times sake and the old feelings came back!! I would love to know if anyone remembers where the barbers shop was or knew him at Haslar. I would also like to know if anyone remembers the nursery. Grandchild of Steve Gouge (Added 19th Nov 2006)

Re Forton Creek - I recall my Grandfather (born 1890) talking about the creek in that it used to go up to roughly behind where the CO-OP and Brick yard are. He used to say that the public toilets that were below ground at the Anns Hill Juction used to flood regularly because of it. They have now been filled in. I recall it flooding the recreation ground in the 1950's and 1960's Phil Turnbull (Added 14th January 2007)

Solent City Scooter Club - Back in the late sixties the Solent City Scooter Club used to hold it's meetings in the Conaught Drill Hall in Gosport, by Marten Holdaway (Added 1st April 2007)

Dolly and Eddie - Eddie served in the Royal Navy and found himself  based at Siskin and courting Dolly who lived in Station Road. Eddie remembers helping Jimmy Fry clear his fruit trees from the side of his property in order to put down a hard standing for a shed. They used a rope tied to a Standard Vanguard car to pull out the stubborn roots. Eddie purchased from Jimmy first a BSA 500 motorcycle combo, then a Black (what other colours were there in those days!) 1936 Rover which had a dodgy 2nd gear. By this time he was working for Vickers at Woolston. It was a bit of challenge trying to approach the traffic cop who stood at the cross roads in Woolston High Street by Lloyds Bank at the right speed so that he never had to stop! (Added 3rd June 2007)

Memories of  George Dalton

- During 1940-43 these years I lived at the very bottom of Fraters Lane, I was four when we moved in. These houses were the last before you got to creek. I have been trying to get pictures of how it looks now without any success and would be happy of any help if possible. Just as an aside my next door neighbour Alf Simpson was an RAF nerd at Brockhurst airfield at the time and I remember him telling us of a German fighter being shot down and crashing on the airfield, I wonder if any else remembers this. George Dalton (Added 10th September 2006)

Memories of Nora From the 1940’s

- Hello there I am in South Australia now but in the forties I lived in Gosport .in the house next to a hotel in Clarence Road opposite a naval Barracks and had to cross the road and walk to school at Newtown Primary I think. It was still there in 1971 as I took my 3 sons to see the house I lived in and the school I went to before we left for Australia there were 6 houses then a masonic hall the houses were all bombed in the rest of the street until someone bought and made the Bambi Café which I used to help in.I think there was a beautiful church called St Marys but that was not there in 1971, this brings back nice memories. Nora

- We lived at the first house next to the pub in the forties they built a cafe called the bambi cafe at the end of the road next to St George Barracks that backed onto Clarence Road and I used to help at the cafe when was quite young but I used to get a pot of tea for the men in the barracks at the cafe accross the road and I was given sixpence for that a small fortune to me .  had 3 sisters and lived with our mum in clarence road in the 40's..before going to Egypt to see Dad. Where we used to play in the backwash of the sea near houses that were bombed in the war according to an ariel view of the area is now I believe a marina or it looked like one .Do you know Ian when we my sister and I used to go past the barracks gate which was accross the road from where we lived then we walked along right then we turned a left then we were walking to school and had to pass the guards on duty they used to give us big blocks of choclate yumm.I think we had some good times in Gosport ,going to the fairs.Do you know that on the way to school we had to pass a large house which everyone said was haunted, us kids used to think funny things.Nora from Austrailia. (Added 4th Aug 2007)

Memories of Frank Ayers From 940’s

- My mother was the district midwife for gosport and my farther a  submariner (lost on Orpheus 1941) mum her brother and I lived in a flat  over Burtons the Tailors in high street I went to a school which was  just behind us in the next road until it was bombed one night then we  went to the senor school across the road and down an ally cant remember  the names of the schools or the roads. There was solders bivouacked on  the park and most of the open spaces. One of my fathers previous  shipmates sent me a model aircraft carrier which floated upside down in  the local static water tank due to being top heavy a couple of American  service men took it away to their workshop down the road in Camber and  Nicholson's yard and fitted some lead to the keel which fixed it fine,  next they said they would fit an engine in it for me but the next day  when I went back for it no one was there the invasion had started and  even though I went down on the barges looking for them I never saw them  or my aircraft carrier again, Frank Ayers (Added 4th July 2010)

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