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 Gosport History Archive Website  Collected by the St Vincent Local History Club    With information about the club and their growing history archive.

If you are or wish to carry on your own local history research, please have a look at the ‘History Research Resourses’ page.

Gosport Ephemera-Printed items Gosport & Historical interest

A Brief History of Gosport -  by Tim Lambert

Hampshire Heritage Web Site - Hampshire Archives

Hampshire Archive Trust - joining the Trust you can help support this work and discover for yourself more about heritage.

Wessex File & Sound Archive / Hampshire Records Office

Hantsphere - Hampshire’s heritage, photos, illustrations & stories.

Portsmouth Records Office

Books About Gosport

Gosport Society - PO Box 188, Gosport,  PO12 9AF

Provincial Buses History

Peter Stoddard advised me of a transcript of a tape recording with Frank Chandler, was 13 in 1890, worked for WH Smith at the Gosport Railway Station, describes life in Gosport in early 1900s, mentions local people by name. Follow the Link ‘Frank Chandler’ in search.

Steve Burton advised that film clips of Gosport can be found on the British Pathe New site, I found 52 putting ‘Gosport’ in the search. The ‘Terms’ now allow links to the site,.

Restore to Former Glory - Have your old photos restored - Elson, Gosport Based Business

Gosport Discovery Centre 

- See the Memories of Gosport section of the site.

- Or the Family History Section of Gosport.info.

Victoria Parker - Answers some Requests for Information

Anns Hill Cemetery War Graves - Research by Den Budden 2007

Gosport’s Civilian War Dead - by Den Budden

- History of The Gosport Home Guard and their War Diary have been added

Research by Den Budden

National Children’s Home Alverstoke - A place to find information & links to the memories, information and photos of NCH on this site.

Charles E Nicholson and his Yachts F Pace/ W Collier

RH Haslar History & Photos - Reproduced by Kind Permission of Haslar Heritage Group & Photos to GMP RH Haslar as Crown Copyright

Vic Hutfield History Website by Brenda Gilbert Gt niece of Vic  Hutfield

History of Gosport Masonic Hall

Gosport Railways by Peter Keat

St Mary’s RC

St Columba History

Victorian Forts Information Web Site by David Moore

Fort Brockhurst

Fort Rowner

Link to site about the Forts

History of Portsmouth & Gosport Water Supply - Chapter 6

Gosport’s early Flying History.

Gosport Schools History

Family History- Gosport

Fort Gilkicker - past present and future?

Link to the Palmerstion Fort Society

Fort Blockhouse

Gosport’s early Hovercraft History

Gosport Solent Brass

Portsdown to Forton Tunnels

Gosport Police History Web Site

D-Day at Hardway by David Maber

History- Rowner/ Grange Farm/ Sir John Brune/ St Mary’s Parish

History of God’s Port Housing Society Ltd and Northcott House

Knightroots Historical Site Will help to find ancestors

Wessex File and Sound Archive - Tel: 01962 847742

For Other Gosport History see the ‘People Of Gosport’ Section

Forton St Johns School & the Forton District - By Mrs O E Turner

St John Forton - Recollections and Remembrances - George Paxton

The Fire Stoke Road, Methodist Church 25th May 1989.

NCH Alverstoke - Memories of those who were there.

Gosport Borough Council History Page

Old Hampshire Maps Large selection of old maps include Gosport

EG. Gosport on the Taylor 1759 - May take a while to download.

HMS Foudroyant and Bednam Explosion by Alan Baptist

History of Gosport Compton Cinema Organ - by John Wadley

Solent City Scooter Club -In the late sixties the Solent City Scooter Club used to hold it's meetings in the Conaught Drill Hall in Gosport, Hants

- Stokes Bay Railway by Peter Keat.

- William Camper (A P Camper & Peter Gawn)

- Historical Gazetteer of Hampshire, with an entry under Gosport,

- I went to the local studies centre the other week  and looked at the micro-fiches of the Holy Trinity Church school log books from about 1879 to 1886. They make absolutely fascinating  reading, working in a school, I can relate to some  of the problems the poor head teacher had with truancy and behaviour. One thing which amused me was that boys played truant to go to the  circus, the Gosport fair, to run errands at Christmas time, or to go  blackberrying. There were about 130 pupils and only two proper teachers, so it  is not surprising that they sometimes failed the annual inspection. He called  the Portsmouth Evening News the "old sore" and complains of the "baseness" of  the paper. From what I can make out they were causing the boys to miss  school in favour of delivering the paper I think they were bribing them  with soup too! Margaret(3 May 09) 

My great-grandfather William James Hellyer (1854-1894) was born at 25  Little Beach St. Gosport.  Martin Snape, the famous painter, painted the street. Edna - Ottawa (added 19th Sept 2010)


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